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  • Our Unrivalled Delivery Service (We have over 75 years experience)
  • Our Premium Quality Fuels (Our Fuels meet British Standards)
  • Our Friendly, Personal Attention (To us, you are a customer, not just a number)

Our Tanker fleet distributes a wide range of bulk fuels and lubricants including DERV, Petrol, Heating Oils for home & industry, Gas Oil & Tractor Diesel for farms & off road machinery, Kerosene & Paraffin for oil fired ovens, paraffin heaters and lamps. More recent introductions are a full range of Ultra Low Sulphur bulk fuels for an environmentally sympathetic future.

Road Diesel, Derv, Bio Diesel, Gas Oil, Tractor Diesel, Red Diesel, Kerosene, Heating Oil, Premium Kerosene, Paraffin, Aga Fuel, Odourless Kerosene, Premium Odourless Kerosene.

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